At Unity Center we offer a positive and practical approach to Spirituality. We embrace the universal truths in Christianity as well as other religions with an emphasis that moves humanity toward oneness through love and forgiveness. Our focus is in creating a healthy relationship with God, which is Love itself, through prayer, meditation, and practicing The 5 Principles.

The Five Principles:

  • There is One Presence and One Power in the Universe. That Power is all good, God.
  • I am an expression of this Power and am naturally good.
  • I create my own experiences by what I choose to think, feel, and believe.
  • Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with this Infinite Power and bring out the good in my life.
  • I do and give my best by living the Truth I know. I make a difference!

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Unity 12 Powers

Each of us has 12 creative powers that are fundamental to us. These are aspects of our Divine nature. The notion that each of us holds the Divine within us, that we have a spiritual nature along with our humanity, is not new. But most of us don’t have a method for developing our spiritual capacities.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore, who was strongly influenced by the Transcendental movement, went on a committed spiritual search. It led him to Eastern spirituality, which he integrated with the Christianity of his upbringing. He created the 12-power system more than a century ago. Based on the reality of the divine spark within all people, Fillmore used the disciples of Jesus as exemplars of the 12 powers.

The 12 powers provide a system for soul growth. Our minds can be a link to Spirit through these 12 capacities: wisdom, love, strength, faith, imagination, order, understanding, will, power, zeal, release, and life itself. We can paint the life we want by focusing on, understanding, and cultivating these 12 spiritual powers.

FAITH is the divine power to make the possible real. It is based on our perception for future possibilities.
Conviction is trust, assurance, confidence. We expect things to go well.

STRENGTH is the power to stay the course with courage. It is stabilizing like an anchor. Tenacity and persistence provides us with staying power.

WISDOM/Judgement is the divine power to evaluate through comparison or contrast. Discernment is the ability
not to rely upon facts but upon principles in decision-making. We develop our intuitive capacity to know that which is beyond the intellect.

LOVE is the power to magnetize to us the people and situations that reflect harmony and unity. Love always focuses only on the good. When we unify we let go of separation-consciousness.

POWER is the spiritual ability that can be cultivated for transformation. Concentration allows us to focus
on one thing. Self-mastery guides our thoughts, words, and actions in integrity. Spiritual authority is developed when we focus on serving others and not the personality self.

IMAGINATION is the divine power to conceive an idea or plan. Our visioning is an important aspect of
creation. We embody the qualities required for the idea to become reality.

UNDERSTANDING is the power of comprehension to discover connections between thought and
feeling. The more we have comprehended and realized spiritual truths, the more likely our insights
will be accurate and useful.

WILL is the power of choice, commitment, and willingness. Desire is the driver of choice making.
Commitment places us on a particular path. Willingness is the antidote for willfulness.

ORDER is the divine power to organize a structure or sequence for ideas which is evident in nature.
It allows us to adjust to changing conditions and reestablish order. Evolution is the power of order
demonstrated as development, progress, or growth.

ZEAL is the power to harness enthusiasm as a propellant into purposeful living. It takes bold
direction toward intentions and fulfillment. Zeal requires devotion which is present moment

RELEASE is the divine power of cleansing, letting go and review. Sins are our misperceptions and misunderstandings of divine nature and our Divine Identity. There are times to let go of these misperceptions.

LIFE is the power of the impulse to move forward, onward and upward. It is vital that we have the
ability to thrive. Life is being, which shows up through the physical, which allows the invisible
to have presence.

When we consciously apply these powers they give us insight, understanding, and transformation.