I began attending Unity Center eight years ago when I was going through a difficult chapter in my life. Looking back I can see that Unity Center helped me enormously at that time, and has been an ongoing influence for growth and transformation.

I have taken many of the educational classes, participated as a Sunday musician and began my service on the Board in 2011. As the current president, it gives me great satisfaction to assist this spiritual community in ways that foster its growth, inspire its membership, and provide for our local community through our Outreach Program.

Unity Center is a great example of what working together is all about. We have a talented and committed Board of Trustees, excellent musicians, and a Children’s Program that would be enviable for any size organization. Our many volunteers and staff help us achieve at a high level – with joy and pride. And leading it all is our talented and inspiring minister, Dawna Mantei, who reminds us every week that we can truly have the lives that we imagine. I consider it an honor to be a part of this vital and engaging spiritual community.

Stephen Jacobs

I have served for a combined time of about 8 years on the Board of Unity Center. I have served as VP and President, and I am currently the Board Treasurer. I serve on this Board to keep Unity Center growing and prospering so others with like minds can come to a place where Spirit is truly at work. This is a place where Spirituality does truly meet Reality in our lives. Each Sunday I receive a lesson I can use to give my life Joy, Prosperity and Meaning. I am so joyous of how much we do in outreach in our community. We truly care about people of all walks of life. We are a tithing loving body of spiritual people and I am proud to say I am a Board Member of Unity Center of Reno.

John Williamson

Over five years ago, I first attended Unity Center. Having spent most of my life in a traditional Episcopal community, the contrast was remarkable. To my surprise, many beliefs I had secretly held were fundamental Unity principles. Over time, I have added to those principles with other spiritual laws that simply make my life work better. The positive lessons each Sunday help to align my daily practices with Spirit. Through classes offered at Unity, I have gained a fuller understanding of those spiritual laws and developed deep friendships. I love the people and the powerful, practical beliefs. My active participation in creating power points, leading meditations and serving on the Board of Trustees at Unity Center has greatly gifted my life and those I love.

Sybil Furman

It has been my privilege to serve on the board of Trustees of Unity Center in different positions over the years. Hopefully, I have been able to contribute in some small way to the success of this Spiritual Community that has impacted my life in so many ways. I must admit that it has been a selfish venture. Rev. Dawna and Unity Center have offered me opportunities that I never would have thought possible. The Sunday teachings have been a foundation for the way that I now live my life, the way that I now handle everyday situations and treat others around me. The classes provided throughout the year keep me advancing on my spiritual journey. Every time I come to the Center I feel loved and supported by my Unity family. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Thank you, Rev. Dawna, for having the gift of empowering others.

Sharon Callanan

The best feeling I have received from embracing the teachings of Unity has been a clear vision of what God/Spirit is, and where it resides in my everyday life. I have always felt that God was by my side but, was not aware of how we (God and I) worked together.

Most importantly, I became acutely aware that I am responsible for my life and the direction it takes. God is always with me as Spirit and, that alone, gives me a warm comfortable feeling every day of my life.

As a member of Unity’s Board of Trustees, I have been given the opportunity to help keep the Center alive and well. I consider paying the gift of this spiritual experience forward thru this stewardship essential to the whole Unity concept of making the world a better place for all.

Steven Dick

What I like most about Unity Center is that Rev. Dawna’s lessons deliver the certain knowledge that there exists in me a deep and kind spiritual energy that also resides in you.

Chuck McGee

Unity welcomes all people, reveres spiritual leaders from all faiths and philosophies. I often weep with joy when I remember that I, too, am part of Spirit’s plan.

Karen McGee

Unity is practical. It is lessons that seem to be directed only to me, but of course, they are for all and so you know you are not alone. It’s believable!

Carol M.